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Standard Analytical Laboratory (ND) Pvt. Ltd is a Govt. approved Testing Laboratory founded in the year 1989 by Mr. R.K. Srivastava to provide accurate, authentic and reliable testing services to the industry . SAL (ND) is well established in the fields of Food Product Testing, Drugs and Pharmaceutics, Water Testing, Cosmetics, Industrial , Microbiological, Environment testing and Petroleum Products, etc.

SAL (ND) is approved commercial Testing Laboratory by FDA of Delhi State Govt. and Govt. of India under Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1940.

Comprehensive Management and Quality System enables SAL (ND) to complete the projects accurately and in compliance with the applicable regulations & guidelines. SAL (ND) is BIS, FSSAI, MOEF , ISH&M , ISO 9001:2008 Certified lab.

Be it Quality control testing, routine and non-routine analysis, environmental and analytical consultation, SAL (ND) provides solutions to a number of industries.

SAL (ND) is recognized by various State Govt. with prestigious hospital and Institutions etc.

SAL (ND) has adequate competent well qualified and experienced technical staff.

The company has grown to National level as well as International Level, as it is catering to the requirement of companies throughout India, surpassing the geographical barriers. The company has more than 500 clients.

SAL(ND) has computerized and automated the critical functioning right from sample booking to computation of analytical data and report processing which greatly reduce factor of human error, ensuring greater reliability in analytical results.

At Standard Analytical Laboratory (ND) Pvt. Ltd quality & dependability and reliability is defined in terms of various operational & functional parameters catered with standardized specializations depending on customer needs. Our reliable testing is monitored by internal quality assurance departments and our comprehensive SOP’s provide the frame work that assure reliable services with the highest standards.

SAL (ND) has dedicated quality assurance departments which independently handle customer needs and also provides reliable analysis in the field of testing.

They have the following objectives.

To maintain an effective quality assurance systems having dependability complying with national and international standards.

To achieve and maintain the level of quality which enhances the company’s reputations with the customers.

Providing customer satisfaction by reliable testing and keeping a quality check on the parameters being tested as per the needs of clients.

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