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Fast track your routine metals analysis

Reduce sample preparation.

Minimize signal suppression.

Ensure accurate data with effective interference removal analyze major and trace analytes in a single


High sensitivity.

Enhances mass spec performance by reducing common contaminants, neutral noise and cool down time with Heated Gold Quadrupoles, Triple-Axis HED-EM Detector and Fast Venting.

High performance chromatography with Advanced GC Technologies including Inert Flow Path, Capillary Flow Technology, and the Programmable Helium Conservation Module help optimize the GC/MS system.

Atomic Absorption

Automatic switching and alignment of flame and furnace atomizers.

Fully automated eight-lamp mount with builit-in EDL power supply.

Continuum soure background correction.

High-efficiency optical system with solid detector.

Quaternary Pump H.P.L.C. and Fluorescence

Analytical and semi-preparative purifications

Fast and precise gradients

Ultralow carryover

Reduced cycle times efficient control, acquisition and reporting

F.T.I.R. Eary – 630



Reliable — field proven, rugged optomechanical system offers outstanding performance and reproducibility, even in humid and tropical environments, providing answers you can trust … day-in/day-out.

Versatile — interchangeable sampling accessories for all your analysis needs, including standard transmission, DialPath, TumblIR, Diamond ATR, Germanium ATR, ZnSe ATR, 10 or 45 degree specular reflectance and diffuse reflectance.


Greater signal and reduced noise – Agilent Jet Stream Technology uses super-heated nitrogen to improve ion generation and desolvation

Instrument innovations for enhanced results:

VacShield – eliminates the need to vent the system while performing ion injector maintenance so instrument maintenance downtime is minimized and laboratory efficiency is increased.

Cyclone Ion Guide – compresses the ion beam without loss of signal, resulting in higher ion transmission efficiencies and enhanced data quality.

Vortex Collision Cell – provides efficient dissociation of ions in the cell, improved focusing and transmission of ions, rapid clearance of the cell between mass transitions, thereby allowing for more MRMs/sec, zero crosstalk and greater confidence in results by removing noisy background.

Screen, confirm and quantify – Triggered MRM (tMRM) combines fast and sensitive MRM quantification with the generation of a product ion spectrum for compound screening and confirmation.

List of Sophisticated Equipment / Apparatus Available in the Lab

S. No. Name of the Equipment Instruments/Apparatus Make
1. ICP-MS Agilent
2. GCMS-MS Triple Quad With Pesticide Analyzer Kit Agilent
3. Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer with Graphite Furnace (AA700) Chiller attachment for A.A.S Perkin Elmer
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer With VGA Shimadzu Corp
4. Gas Chromatograph with NPD & ECD Detector Perkin Elmer
Gas Chromatograph with FID Detector Nucon
Gas Chromatograph with TCD Detector Restec
5. Quaternary Pump H.P.L.C. Auto sampler with Fluorescence and U.V. Detector Agilent
Quaternary Pump H.P.L.C Auto Sampler with UV Detector Jasco
H.P.L.C. with UV Detector Jasco
H.P.L.C. with RI Detector Jasco
6. Milli Q – Integral with Q – POD Element Merck Milipore
7. F.T.I.R. Eary – 630 with Transmission Module Agilent
FTIR Spectrophotometer Jasco
8. UV Spectrophotometer Jasco, Sican
9. Tintometer Multitech
10. Autotitrator Metrohm
11. Photo Fluorimeter Systronics, Multitech
12. Flame Photometer Systronics, Systronics
13. Microprocessor based Karl Fischer Veego Veego
14. Digital Microwave Digester Sineo

Facilities in Microbiological Section in Laboratory

S. No. Name of Instrument/ Apparatus Make
1. Laminar Flow Bench 4x2x2 Chempharm Industries
2. Antibiotic Zone Reader (Projection Type) Aarchal Corporation
3. Antibiotic Zone Reader Indian Equipment Corporation
4. B.O.D. Incubator 220 C, 250 C Multitech Instrument Co., Thermotech
5. Incubator Universal 340 C, 370 C, 420 C, 440 C, Promi, Multitech Instrument Co. Promi
6. Refrigerator Whirlpool, Electrolux
7. Autoclave Multitech Instrument Co., Promi
8. Digital Balance Neogen, Precision Scientic Co. Orastech
9. Membrane Filtration Assembly Science House, Harrison’s Pharma Machinary
10. Vortex Mixer Harrison’s Pharma Machinery
11. Heating Block Neolab
12. Micro Pipette Volac, Volac, Pfet
13. Digital Colony Counter Multitech Instruments Co.
14. Single Pan Balance Dhona, Verbal
15. Bacterial End toxin Test Kit (LAL Test Kit) Sales Worth(I) Ltd.
16. High Precession Water Bath Multitech Instruments Co.
17. Vernier Caliper (Dial Type) Baker Mercer
18. Hot Air Oven Promi
19. Microscope Olympus
20. Bio-safety cabinet Bio-safety cabinet
21. Vacuum Oven Eagle
22. Vacuum Pump Lonza, HHV Pumps
23. Aquarium for Bioassay -
24. Anaerobic Jar Himedia
25. Elisa Reader Kit for Total Aflatoxin Bio-sciences
26. pH Meter Digital Multitech Instruments, Analab Scientific Instrument Pvt. Ltd.
27. UV Cabinet Short/Long Wave Promi

Our Sophisticated Instruments