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Pesticide & Residue

Trace chemicals, especially pesticides, easily find their way into the food cycle, affecting the health of consumers and disturbing the ecosystem in general. Therefore, quality regulations require companies to work towards responsible environment citizenship. This makes it imperative for the food processing and packaging industry to wake up to the requirement of outsoing their trace level pesticide residues chemical analysis processes to chemical analytical contract laboratories that can offer professional expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure to combat the problem.

Standard Analytical Laboratory (ND) - Analytical division is a prominent ISO 17025 accredited chemical analytical contract laboratory in the country. We provide the best in league turnkey solutions for trace level pesticide residues chemical analysis of environmental and food samples.

Environmental samples include water and soil samples and the food samples include dry foods, fatty foods, fruits and vegetables, feeding mixtures, herbs, teas and more. Each sample is analyzed on a wide range of matrices using the best and most technologically advanced equipment and analytical processes.

Our services include :

  •   Analysis of individual or groups of pesticides
  •   Targeted pesticide testing
  •   Multi- residue screening for over 150 compounds

These tests are performed on samples of food and beverages, animal feeds, agricultural crops, water, and tobacco products. The 150 compounds for which multi-residue screening is conducted belong to chemical compound classes such as:

  •   Organophosphorus
  •   Organochlorine
  •   Pyrethroid
  •   Triazine
  •   Dicarboximide
  •   Organonitrogen compounds
  •   Others

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